About Me

Jason Amada is a Medical Sales Rep based out of New York. He started his career in the world of Finance and made the transition to Medicine in 2019.

“Medical Sales will be the most rewarding experience of your professional life” – Jason Amada

After years working in the finance world, from my early days at Morgan Stanley to my career as a Forex Trader, I made the switch to Medical Sales in 2019. It has turned out to be the best decision of my life. Feeling stuck in my previous career, I was looking for a field where I can maximize my skill set. I have written articles on what it’s like to be a Medical Sales rep and the day to day ups and downs of the job. My goal with this site is to give sales reps, especially those starting out, the tools to become successful. When I first started in the business I had mentors that were there for me to answer any questions that I had. I understand how tough this line of work can be and I wanted to give back and create a place for those in the field or thinking about entering it to come and discuss their questions or concerns. I will post articles here on different topics related to the field from lead generation, to how to deal with the sales process. I hope this site can help you on your journey and please reach out if you have any questions.

Past Experiences

Koova Management
(2019 – Present)

Worked with physicians to provide CGX/Cancer screening tests for patients.

Promoted MRI, EMG, and NCV diagnostics to physicians to help streamline their business.

Helped grow company sales by 17% in my first year building relationships with doctors across NYC.

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